Good Tea Rooms

What makes a good tea room? Not an easy question to answer! Here are a few things we look out for when we're enjoying Afternoon Tea:

  • Unique atmosphere - themed is neat!

  • Matching (OR NOT) China - we enjoy the adventure!

  • REAL devonshire or clotted cream - don't try to get away with whipped cream here!

  • Extra touches - we've seen some amazing things and we like to be "wow'ed" on the extra touches - and yes, we notice them.

  • Fresh (not over-baked) scones - the best part!.... don't forget the butter (but I don't mind asking for it either...)

  • Warm, friendly, inviting host, servers, and staff. Running a tea room takes a certain personality - they're hard to find!

  • Special events - tea rooms that do special events really show they are on the ball (movie days, princess themes, Royal Weddings etc.)

  • Pricing that is reflective of the quality, or quantity of the food and/or special atmosphere. We will good money for a top notch tea party!

  • MAJOR extra points for those "extra touches" I mentioned above, that really sets a GREAT tea room apart from a 'good' one!


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