My Mom, Grandma, and I just LOVE going for a traditional tea. We love the different little tea sandwiches and yummy flaky scones with heavenly clotted/devonshire cream! We enjoy visiting different tea rooms to see how they present their high tea and what special touches they will include. Will the tea services match? Will their Tea include an appetizer? Will they use loose leaf tea or tea bags? How close to authentic will their clotted cream come? This is what makes it fun - just to see exactly how the traditional tea is being served around the province. We take in a several choice 'teas' per year and enjoy the experience to the max! Won't you join us?

I started this site to keep track of all the CURRENT options of tea rooms in Ontario. Sure, there are other listings out there but they all seem to be outdated. So I'm taking on the challenge of keeping this one current. Please let me know if find anything out of date and certainly let me know if YOUR favourite tea room is missing using the "Suggest Location" link above.


Links to some tea friends